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  • We bring populations closer to quality products. We continuously strive to offer the best deal, in compliance with existing standards, by offering guarantees on the origin and quality of medicinal compounds.

About us

Since 2003, we offer a wide range of high quality pharmaceuticals through professional healthcare outlets, hospitals, pharmacies and much more.

As a major player in the distribution of medicine, our mission is to improve access to and provide high quality pharmaceuticals and medical supplies at the lowest possible price to the healthcare sector in developing countries..

We maintain high quality standards for our whole products range

We believe in long-term business and open-minded relationships with our suppliers.

We deliver a wide range of tailor-made safe and cost-effective products

  • GROUPAGE : Goods from our worldwide suppliers are stored in our Dubaï warehouse before being dispatched to final destinations in order to optimize the supply chain.
  • STORAGE : We provide dedicated storage zones for clients and supliers to shorten delivery time.
  • KITS MANUFACTURING : Products from our various suppliers are packed as kits to facilitate domestic distribution.
  • SERVICE PLATFORM : We provide an integrated Service Platform for Purchasing, Logistics, Sales and Finance.


Carte monde Medilab Afrique Medilab Intl – Africa

Medilab UK Filiale SARL, is a subsidiary of MEDILAB UK for West and Central Africa founded in 2005, to supply the sub-region, Mali

Carte monde Medilab Moyen-Orient Medilab Intl – Middle-East

MID (MEDILAB International DUBAI) was founded in 2015, and is a fully owned subsidiary of MEDILAB UK Int. LTD

  • MEDILAB aims at being quality focused countries' first choice supplier for branded generics and medical equipments.


Our specialties received an MAA in 14 countries.

We are flexible and provide tailormade solutions suited to our clients' needs amongst which :

  • Customized labelling and packing

  • Medical kits

  • Groupage

Our product line 2018

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High quality through trusted partners

We strive for building fair and close bounds with manufacturers of pharmaceuticals goods that comply with our quality standards.

Medilab only collaborates with suppliers that are pre-qualified by us and meet the GMP and GDP norms laid by the World Health Organization.

The process covers screening of documentation, assessment of products along with site and on-site audits.

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